The mission of the Florida Pregnancy Care Network, Inc. is to enhance the efforts of Florida pregnancy resource organizations that deliver wellness services to qualifying women, and that provide emotional and material support to pregnant women in need, enabling them to carry their pregnancies to term and choose parenting or adoption.

The Florida Pregnancy Care Network, Inc. offers a statewide alliance of pregnancy support organizations. As a private non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, FPCN provides financial and other support for member organizations, enabling and assisting them in their mission to support pregnant women in need in Florida.

The network consists of approximately 60 Florida pregnancy resource organizations providing direct services to pregnant women and their families at approximately 100 site locations. These services, including counseling, referral, material support, training and education, help meet the emotional and physical needs of pregnant women and assist them in preparing to parent their baby or place their baby for adoption.

In addition to pregnancy services, FPCN is proud to help providers offer well woman exams free of charge for qualified individuals. The exams can vary, but may include a breast examination, a pelvic examination, and a pap smear. Some FPPSSP providers offer free sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing.

Services include counseling, referral, material support, training and education.

Florida Pregnancy Care Network administers the Florida Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program (FPPSSP) for the Florida Department of Health. The purpose of the FPPSSP is to coordinate and enhance the efforts of local pregnancy resource organizations to increase the availability, quality and awareness of pregnancy support services that promote and encourage childbirth.

FPPSSP provides financial reimbursement to pregnancy resource organizations for their expenses incurred in the provision of pregnancy support services, including pregnancy testing, counseling, education, training, and referral to pregnant women and their families. Even though many of the pregnancy support organizations that provide FPPSSP services are faith-based, no proselytization or sharing of religious information is permitted under the program and contracting organizations must ensure that they strictly adhere to this regulation.

FPPSSP provides a state-wide toll-free number and website to connect pregnant women with nearby pregnancy resource organizations. All services are offered at no charge to the women and their families. Services under the FPPSSP can continue for one year following the birth of the child. The Pregnancy Support Services Program has been funded by the Florida Legislature since 2005.

For more information about the FPSSP please visit the program website:

Pregnancy & Wellness Support By the Numbers


$29.5 MILLION current appropriation$29.5 MILLION current appropriation

95 site locations in Florida95 site locations in Florida

562,793 pregnancy support clients served562,793 pregnancy support clients served

1,837,633 pregnancy services1,837,633 pregnancy services

“Thanks to this program, the women we serve have healthier pregnancies and are better equipped to be parents.” Rose Llauget
Director Pregnancy and Adoption Services
Catholic Charities
Diocese of St. Petersburg

760,566 pregnancy center visits760,566 pregnancy center visits

301,167 pregnancy tests administered301,167 pregnancy tests administered

“We have been receiving state funds as part of the pregnancy support program since 2010. We are so honored to be able to provide pregnancy and wellness services to families who need them.” Ms. Eddie L. Judge
Executive Director
South Lake Pregnancy and Family Care Center


24,677 STI tests since 201724,677 STI tests since 2017

9,582 exams administered since 20179,582 exams administered since 2017

“Providing uninsured Florida women an annual physical, Pap and labs has been tremendously needed in our community. Last year women from 10 Florida counties traveled to Tampa (some drove over an hour) to receive this medical service. Many of these uninsured women hadn’t had a physical and/or a Pap smear in 6-8 years.” Ana Hidalgo Stooks
Executive Director
Guiding Star Tamp
"The counseling parameters and restrictions attached to the funding have helped us be intentional and efficient in regard to the order of the information we gather and share with the client.” Dr. Katherine Gratto, Executive Director, Sira Gainesville

Why Give to FPCN?

Our current funding is earmarked for pregnancy counseling and education, parenting education, pregnancy tests, wellness exams for uninsured women, STI tests, abstinence education and counseling, salaries, rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.

Please consider supporting our mission through a donation to FPCN.

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Thank You for Your Support
On behalf of the women, children, and families we serve, thank you for your support! Your gift is saving lives and providing support and encouragement to families.

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